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LANG & WOOD are a musical ensemble from Plymouth, England, committed to performing original compositions in electro/acoustic settings.


  • Derek Woodís first musical foray was in the early 70s with the late Julian Thomas in the duo "Don't Pick The Daisies". He then joined local country & western band "Nevada Smith" before moving to Sussex and forming his own band, "On The Beach", playing and recording original songs.

  • John Lang started playing guitar whilst still at school, where he formed his first band, Commune, with fellow schoolmates. Since then he has played with almost every rock musician, group and in nearly every pub, club and outhouse in the Plymouth area. He sings, writes his own music, and can also be found doing solo and session work.

  • Geoff Preece was born into a musical family and was taught piano and violin at the tender age of six. He bought his first guitar with his first week's wages from his job in the printing trade and, at the age of 17, began a more desirable career in the music business. By the age of 20 he had become one of the most sought after bass players in the West Country.

  • Claire Mayne, Derek's daughter, is an all-round musician who plays keyboards, flute and percussion. The baby of the band, she adds her vocal talents and fresh looks to an otherwise well-travelled and seasoned group.

  • Paul Smith, an experienced percussionist ... and the joker in the pack! He has played drums with many local bands over the years, and now his use of electronic percussion means he can get the sounds that other drummers cannot.


So, listen to the following musical selections written and played by  LANG & WOOD.




Listen  to a bit of "DREAM BIRD"
sound byte mp3 - 1.04MB





Listen to a bit of "DIRT ROAD"
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Listen  to a bit of "WAITING AROUND FOR THE SUN"
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Listen to a bit of "CHRISTMAS IS COMING"
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