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It was December of my fortieth year when I first saw hard rain
It was sometime after that before I ever felt real pain
Her hand still gripped the smoking gun but her gaze was calm and still
I never have forgotten it and I know I never will
Even at this distance though the thought of it still hurts
Those same small hands tearing at my coat were clinging to her skirts
Yet I have other memories and there's one I'd always choose
It's from the time when you still loved me and went dancing on my shoes

- Dancing on my shoes, dancing on my shoes
- Laughing up at me in the way you used to do
- When you were dancing on my shoes, dancing on my shoes
- I always will remember you, dancing on my shoes

Though I knew the end was certain it seemed sudden when it came
Was I never in the picture then, simply in the frame?
And we talked about tomorrow, how we always would be friends
And all the while I'm thinking no, I know how this will end
When I'm not there to sing the songs and tell your secrets to
To read the stories and hold you close what will I mean to you?
Will I even be a memory that one day you'll refuse?
And forget how you once loved me and went dancing on my shoes?

- Dancing on my shoes, etc.

I've done some stupid things in life and I still regret a few
But there were good times as well as bad times and I shared some with you
There were more good times than bad times now you must admit it's true
And I don't believe in grieving and I'm not leaving you
Even as I wipe away these sweet cathartic tears
I find my thoughts go racing back to all those happier years
And if I have to plead then I'd plead guilty as accused
Of loving you too much when you were dancing on my shoes

- Dancing on my shoes, etc.

SUITS YOU -- A. Hodgson

I think you look great but it's past eight
And the cab's late, now it suits you
No, I don't think that its going out of style
I said your hair's fine, it's sublime
But it's high time we were leaving, it's eight-thirty
And would you like to explain to me
When I call you on the phone I find your line's engaged
Your line's engaged, your line's engaged

Now look I said twice you look nice
And my advice is just wear it
No and I don't think that your arse looks big in that
On the contrary, it fits tight, it's all right
It's half past nine we should be leaving
Tell me something, that how can it be every two out of three
If I call you on the phone I find your line's engaged
Your line's engaged, your line's engaged

That's right dear, it's King Lear
It's by Shakespeare, no, it's not a western
No I never believed that you ever thought it was
But it's high time now, we should go
And I don't think we're going to be there
And can you once ever explain to me
If I call you on that phone I find your line's engaged
Your line's engaged, your line's engaged, engaged, etc.

WHERE WAS I -- A. Hodgson

When they were trading punches down in Waterloo
I was conveniently taking a leak
And I'd have slapped that guy with his old "May I"
But I only heard about it last week

And you remember Johnny, from the Thyroid Five
I knew a man who cut his neighbour's hair
And I got this story from a Mormon rep
Who swears it's true although I wasn't there

- So where was I? Where was I?
- Sitting down thinking about having an early night
- So where was I? Where was I?
- Rolling up a comforter thinking I could write
- All right, all right, all right
- All right, all right, all right

They're planning Armageddon in the Persian Gulf
And I'm geddin' out of here if we lose
But I might just stop 'til the balloon goes up
Stay home and watch it on the 9 O'clock news

- So where was I, etc.

So if you really want me to get serious
And you're not just trying to be cute
I'll come on over when your boyfriend's out
Wearing my petrol blue suit, there' s talking

- So where was I, etc.

TOMORROW -- A. Hodgson

Tomorrow I'll be much more bold
I'll start wearing red and gold
I'll cut my hair and I won't care
If the grey is showing through
I'll be dressed in tights and picking fights
I'll start insisting on my rights
To join a band in one night stands
And pretend that I'm still twenty two, like you do

- Oh I know that summer has faded away
- And only winter's long memory is hanging over today
- But if you were to ask me then I'd probably say
- I believe in tomorrow, anyway

Tomorrow in the afternoon
I'm going to write that big hit tune
I'll sing the blues in Gucci shoes
I'll learn to spit and I'll dance a bit
It sounds so great I can hardly wait
'Til I notice that it's growing late
And I'm reminded what's wrong with tomorrow
I'll be spending it all on my own without you

- Oh, it's true that summer has faded away, etc.

EATING ME UP -- A. Hodgson

I never had much in my whole damn life
But I'm not complaining
I never had no rainy day money
Seemed it was always raining
But something happened to me today
It's gonna take a bit of explaining
The woman I love went on her way
And it was plain who she was blaming

She said "You'll never understand women at all
Cos when I needed you so badly
You'd sit and smoke that stuff and drink too much
When I would have loved you gladly
I lost count of the times I begged you to stop
Don't know how often I told you
You just might regret it some night
When there's nobody there to hold you".

- And now it's eating me up
- Eating me up, eating me up tonight
- It's eating me up, eating me up
- Eating me up tonight

Love is such a serious drug
I think they should've banned it
'Cos every word she said came true
Almost as if she'd planned it
I toss and turn in my bed, my mind is in shreds
Don't think I can stand it
If love is the fire that's burning me up
Then jealousy's the wind that fans it

- And now it's eating me up, etc.

I WAS THERE -- A. Hodgson

I've been around the world from Omsk to Carolina
I've been to Ursa Major, I've seen Asia Minor
When David fought Goliath I had a ringside seat
When I first met Long John Silver that cat had two good feet
And at Nuremberg they claimed I was their favourite MC
When Tchaicovsky wrote Pathétique he wrote it about me

- I was there can't you tell boys
- I was there, you know damn well
- I might have been drinking
- But I'm willing to swear
- I was there, oh yeah, I was there

I gave Rudolph Valentino hints on sex appeal
And I once showed Jesse Owens a clean pair of heels
Why, presidents and film stars, man, I've known 'em all
I introduced Humphrey Bogart to Lauren Bacall
And I dated Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe
And there's something 'bout old Marilyn I bet even you don't know

- I was there can't you tell boys, etc.

I knocked out Joe Louis, Ali and Tyson in the very first round
And without me them old Wright Brothers would still be on the ground
I discovered penicillin, designed the Tower of Pisa
I'm the man who wiped the smile off the face of the Mona Lisa
And when Neil Armstrong said his thing about a huge leap for mankind
The day he stepped out on the moon he was real surprised to find that...

- I was there can't you tell boys, etc.

I gave Charlie Parker lessons on that saxophone
And the Greta Garbo I knew didn't care to be alone
I went fishing with St. Peter I helped set the bait, me & this other guy
I shoved a hundred foot monkey up the Empire State
And the only time I wasn't there in two thousand years
Is when the Salvation Army called for volunteers

- Was I there, was I hell boy
- Was I there, well you know damn well
- I'd have been perfectly willing to trade drinking for prayer
- If I'd been there, oh yeah, if I'd been there, oh yeah
- If I'd been there, oh yeah, if I'd been there

OOH RAY -- A. Hodgson

So you found out about Lorraine
How I've been seeing her again
And though you've no right to complain
I think perhaps I should explain
I would have told you anyway
But since you're forcing it, OK
I didn't want to mention Ray
Yeah, I bumped into him today

It seems about two weeks ago
They had that party round at Joe's
You said you had tickets for some show
Me, I was sick and couldn't go
So there was Ray out of his mind
He claims it must have been the wine
Because he found himself entwined
'Round guess who, my Valentine

- Yet I won't bore you with the rest of it
- I know it's true, no I'm not guessing it
- I only know that night I woke up hearing you
- Calling his name, screaming, "Ooh Ray"
- Screaming, "Ooh Ray" in your sleep
- Calling his name, screaming, "Ooh Ray"
- Screaming, "Ooh Ray" in your sleep

* Calling his name, calling his name
* Calling his name in your sleep
* Calling his name, calling his name
* Calling his name in your sleep

All right, I say I understand
That what happened wasn't planned
Not even cheap or underhand
At least we both know where we stand
So there's no need to feel contrite
'Cos if I'd not found out I might
Think I'd tarnished something bright
Think I'd tarnished something bright
Tarnished something oh so bright
Tarnished something bright
What a joke that, something bright


I knew you'd leave me one day, I felt that from the start
'Cos something told me this can't last
I knew you'd break my heart (it took my breath away)
Even now I listen for your footstep on the stairs
And late at night I reach out for you, knowing you won't be there

- Feeling every little beat of your heart
- It keeps us together, girl, though we're apart
- And though I never finish things that I start
- I feel every little beat of your heart

The next time that I saw you, baby, I said, "Where' you been"
And you said, "I been here and there, boy
Please don't make a scene" (it took my breath away)
And when I start to think about it, 'knew what I should've said
It's, "Can you keep that noise down upstairs, it's pounding in my head"

- Feeling every little beat of your heart, etc.

* That was quite some time ago
* And I got over that
* Until that day I met her friend, who said
* "Guess who's just got back.
* And she said she'd like to meet up with you
* Well, just for old times sake"
* And at the mention of her name
* My knees began to shake
* And my legs just turned to gelatine
* Had this pounding in my brain
* When I looked round and there she was
* I was right back there again

- Feeling every little beat of your heart, etc.

MIN HYMN -- A. Hodgson
(Dedicated to Min Jackson, 1949-2000)

Let me tell you about my friend Min
How he's got himself in a spin
He thinks he's out when he's in
And he believes he's me but I'm him

I'm really getting worried about Min
He's hanging round places I've never been
With girls as ugly as sin
One even looks a bit like Anthony Quinn

And while the band plays
Prorsum Semper Honeste
While they're wrecking that tune
What's this I hear you're checking out soon

Well you really have to hand it to Min
The way he takes it all on the chin
And he does it with style and such flair
Well, I was there when he bought his first pair

And when you're jetting away
On your awesome semper holiday
Don't think you're getting away
'Cos I just booked my own today

And when the band plays
Them old Saints Come Marching In
I'll be looking out for you Min
And if you ain't there I ain't marching in

So let the choir sing
If they still remember the tune
And in the words of that song
Honestly, this is only so long

'Cos we go on and on and on
We go on and on and on
We go on, we go on
We go on and on and on, etc.


I going to tell you now
Tell you 'bout my troubles and my pain
I going to show you now
Show like shop windows in the rain

- All sold out, all sold out
- People keep on saying means nothing to me
- All sold out, nothing left
- Now I know you just can't get something for free

As I walk the town
Seeing people shopping for their homes
I see their heavy bags
And that extra something for their souls

- All sold out, all sold out, etc.

I see a time not far
When people won't need money,
Won't have to rent out their heads
Someone will sell us out
And throw the switch
That'll make us live into dead

- All sold out, all sold out, etc.


So what d'ya want?
I wanna be famous, man, is this were I audition?
What d'ya do?
Teenage impressions while I'm still in fair condition
What d'ya mean?
I could tell you but I don't think you would listen
What did you say?
I hate everyone who gets in my way

I'm the last of the unstrung heroes
Ain't it just a shame?
A very irritable cut price zero
Society's to blame
Can I be sure?
Sure as I am about my tendency to mayhem
Certainly sure that I won't like it
If you get in my way

- When you next pick up the phone
- And it ain't Dame Fortune calling
- 'Cos the gravy train don't stop here any more
- Just remember in the night watch
- The El-dopa men a-prowlin'
- And your vicious blag makes us gag
- It sticks in the craw

So what've you got?
We got music, it'll start your senses swirling
We got expectations, too
They'll set your neck hairs curling
So what d'ya want?
Just adulation and a cash advance in sterling
And what if I won't?
That would simply mean that you're in the way

- You can forget about your facial
- And your urgent lunch appointment
- 'Cos your Diner's card's been invalided out
- 'Cos we're all about through
- With interviews by disappointment
- That you'll survive to catch us live
- I've serious doubt

- And I think you're very wise
- To get your Ma to leave the light on
- 'Cos the chances are likelier than not
- We'll be crawling from your woodwork
- We've already set our sights on
- All of you who weren't nice to
- The Band That Time Forgot

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