Band FAQ

How did the band get its name? TOOTS EARL is the singer's stage name and one of our songs is called THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT
How did the members of the band meet? All the members of the band have bumped into each other musically for the past 30 years
Which three words best describe our music? Uncompromising power pop!!!
Who's who in the band? Albert "Toots" Earl (singer): loves life, hates mediocrity John St.Clair Lang (guitar): loves order, hates surprises Dan Bates (keyboards): loves women, hates nothing Jerry & John Hutchinson (bass & drums): love playing, hate working
Whose records do we have in our collections? Tom Waits, Kate Bush, Earth Wind & Fire, Beatles, Steely Dan, Deep Forest, Eva Cassidy, Oscar Brown Jr., John Mayall, Ian Drury, Clapton, Hendrix, Beck (Jeff), Sinatra, Billy Holliday, Michael Holliday, Bob the Builder
The future? We hope to continue creating music that we believe in; to perform if at all possible, to record it if affordable and to promote it using the new frontiers of cyberspace
If we become famous? We won't like it!!

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